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The Experience

With Beyond Web Development, You Get a Custom Built Web Site for Your Business. We take care of the site updates!

Meet Aniekan

My name is Aniekan (a-ne-eh-kahn) and I’m the Founder and Lead Developer here at Beyond. I’ve been building websites since the early 2000’s.

I started Beyond Web Development after working in Radio and TV for over 15 years. I’ve always designed to help my friends in their business ventures. It’s always been in me to help peopole succeed.

I’m here to help those who have been in business for years or anyone who is just gettting started with building a brand. You should have a budget in mind and I’ll build a site that delivers.

Lets work together to put your vision in motion. I pride myself in going above and BEYOND to help you reach your business goals. You’re not dealing with a high priced ad agency so expect to get superior customer service and quick turn around.


You can kickstart your business without breaking the bank

Visit the Business Game page for content on easy and inexpensive methods to start. Discover smart strategies and practical tips that won’t drain your budget. With Beyond Web Development, we build it, we manage it, ensuring your journey to success is both affordable and effective.

Let’s work together

Let’s chop it up about your business. Do you need analytics? Do you have a marketing strategy? There are many ways we can help.